Inspiration Through Interiors BLog: Why Horizontal Blinds Are Easy to Use

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Why Horizontal Blinds Are Easy to Use

The humble horizontal blinds are like most feats of elegant engineering – designed so well that they seem deceptively simple. However, concealed within are clever mechanisms that allow for versatility and ease of use. Take a quick look inside to appreciate the unsung heroes.

Clutches and Cords

One of the greatest things about horizontal blinds is the fact that you can pull a cord to raise them and have them stay in that position. This is accomplished with a friction clutch. The clutch engages to prevent the blinds from dropping until force is applied against a release mechanism.

Gear and Pulley Show

Privacy and sunlight are controlled by adjusting the angle of the slats in your blinds. Blinds that use a rod to open and shut employ gears actuated by the rod. These gears pull the strings suspending the slats, altering the pitch of the slats. Blinds that use chains or cords have more direct connections through simple pulleys to change slat angle.

Subtle Smarts

Horizontal blinds are so cleverly made that they achieve the greatest goal of engineering – design users never think about. Smart application of simple concepts like suspension and gears keeps the sun and prying eyes at bay. See how elegant design can be with these choices for horizontal blinds in Raleigh -

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