Inspiration Through Interiors BLog: Reduce Noise in Your Office

Friday, 27 November 2015

Reduce Noise in Your Office

Certain spaces don’t dampen noise well. When your office space is noisy, it can be hard to get work done. Talking on the phone and even thinking in a space that is too noisy is almost impossible. Consider making these easy changes in order to reduce the sound in your noisy office.

Wall Panels: You can install sound absorbent wall panels to help reduce the amount of noise in a space. Mounting these panels directly on the wall adds interesting texture and depth to the walls as well as helping to reduce your noise issues.

Sound-Masking: Many offices use sound-masking technology to make a more workable space. This technology emits a sound spectrum that is designed to cover noise.

Plants: Plants can create an inviting workspace as well as absorb some of that unneeded noise. Add a plant to your office to improve air quality, increase productivity, reduce noise and even improve employee health.

Improve Insulation: This is a more expensive option, but improving the insulation in walls and ceilings can help dampen noise.

Soft Surfaces: Create soft surfaces by adding carpet or rugs to hard floors and putting in acoustic ceiling tiles.

Make your workspace more productive by decreasing the noise level. Turn to experts in sound control installation in La Mesa today in order to fix your noise issues -


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