Inspiration Through Interiors BLog: Tips and Tricks on How to Save Money with Ceramic Tile

Friday, 27 November 2015

Tips and Tricks on How to Save Money with Ceramic Tile

When you start a kitchen or bathroom remodel, choosing ceramic tile can get expensive quickly. There are endless options at every price point. Get a jump-start on your selection process with these tips and tricks on how to save money with ceramic tile.

1. Mix Price Points

Not all the tile you select needs to be top shelf and expensive.  Mix and match tile from multiple price points to save money. Cover a large area with inexpensive tile and choose a few “wow” pieces to accent.

2. Use Large Pieces

Selecting larger ceramic tiles that cover more area will increase their value. Use a horizontal or vertical brick pattern as another technique to maximize space with larger ceramic tile.

3. Choose a Classic Look

Some designs, like subway tile, never go out of style. Save money over the long term by installing good quality tile that will stand the test of time and add value to your home year after year.

In some cases, trying to save money by choosing inexpensive ceramic tile will increase other costs such as grout, adhesive and other materials, affecting the overall price significantly. Price the whole project out from start to finish to save money and get the most value. Visit this website today for more information on ceramic tile installation in Waco.

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