Inspiration Through Interiors BLog: How to Get a Roman Look by Adding Shades

Saturday, 28 November 2015

How to Get a Roman Look by Adding Shades

Ancient Rome is steeped in history and a bold aesthetic that has influenced the world for centuries. Bringing a touch of the Coliseum into your home is as simple as adding the time-tested look of the classic – and classical – Roman shade.

Rustic Origins

Romans first used simple, water-dampened shades to keep dust from the famous roads of the Empire from invading their homes. It didn’t take too long for human ingenuity to start improving the design. Eventually, the iconic, foldingshade that has become a hallmark of Mediterranean-themed rooms was born.

Thoroughly Modern

Today’s Roman shades are available in a variety of styles and hues ranging from solids that complement any color scheme to ornate cuts and patterns for a bold look. The familiar design has been updated with modern materials and fabrics. The results are Roman shades that transform spaces into palaces of imperial splendor, while offering the durability and easy maintenance current technology provides.

Room to Rome

There are many wonderful possibilities available when choosing Roman shades. Simple colors and complex designs were equally embraced in the Empire, allowing tremendous flexibility while maintaining an authentic, Mediterranean look. Let your style preferences and existing d├ęcor guide your decision-making and you can’t go wrong. Click here to learn more about Roman shades in Raleigh.

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