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Monday, 30 November 2015

How To Get Custom Shutters For Those Strangely Shaped Windows

When you are trying to find shutters for your home, it is simple to find them to fit the regular shaped windows. It’s the oddly shaped ones that can really cause your trouble. Round, angled and arched windows just don’t look right with the regular rectangular shutters that are so easily found. The good news is that you actually can get shutters to fit an variety of different window shapes.

Many Shapes to Choose From

Windows in different shapes are often used to make the home look more interesting or to make the window better fit into the design of the home. Even though they are oddly shaped, they really are still somewhat standard. There are a few different shapes that are most commonly used, so shutters are available for these odd shapes. The most common are sunburst, arch, octagon, rake, circle and eyebrow.

Specialty Shutter Options

Even if your window doesn’t seem to fit into the more common odd shapes, you still have the option of specialty shutters that are made to fit any size or shape of window. There is no reason to abandon the idea of shutters just because you have a window that breaks all conventional ideas.

Putting shutters on your windows is a common way to add some style and class to your home. You don’t have to leave odd shaped windows bare, though. Custom shutters are available to make the process easy. Click here to learn more about custom interior shutters in Cary.

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Create an Island Atmosphere With Wood Woven Shades

Creating a comfortable, welcoming and stylish home is what everyone really wants to do. What better way to create the right atmosphere than going with an island decor. The feel of the island always brings up idea of carefree, warm and relaxing days. To create an island atmosphere, you can employ several decor ideas, including using wood woven shades. Here are a few reasons why wood woven shades work great for this decor style.

They Don’t Black Out a Room

Wood woven blinds are a style that is often used in homes on islands because they don’t completely block out the sun. This is what is needed on an island where you may want to roll the blind down to keep the sun’s heat out but don’t want your home to be too dark.

They Have a Natural Look

The woven wood is natural looking and fits right in with the teals, greens and blues often used to decorate in an island theme. Island decor is about bringing the outside in - the water, the wood, the sun. These blinds do a perfect job of fitting into the style.

They Have a Relaxed Look

These blinds aren’t stiff and formal like other blind styles, which works perfectly for island decor. Perhaps the biggest thing that you think about when you think about an island getaway is relaxing. A cold, hard plastic style blind just wouldn’t work to evoke the feeling of relaxation that is needed for an island theme, but a woven wooden blind fits right in.

Woven wood blinds are a perfect way to dress up windows in an island themed room. They play right into the bright, natural and relaxed look you will be going for. Find out more here about wood woven shades in Southport -

Saturday, 28 November 2015

3 Tips To Cleaning Your Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds add a lovely touch to your decor, but when they get dirty, it can often be a hassle to figure out how to clean them. One wrong move and your blinds may be ruined. However, with these three tips to cleaning your vertical blinds, you can get them cleaned fast and hung back up in no time.

Tip #1: Wash Them in the Washer

Many vertical blinds are machine washable, but that doesn’t mean you can just toss them in there. The best way to machine wash them is to roll them up and put them inside a washing bag or a pillow case. Always wash them on the gentle cycle and follow all manufacturer’s directions.

Tip #2: Don’t Use Hot Water

Regardless of how you are washing your blinds, don’t ever use hot water. Instead, you want to use warm water. The reason is that many vertical blinds are glued together at the bottom and hot water will dissolve the glue and ruin the blinds.

Tip #3: Never Use the Dryer

Your blinds should be dried naturally. Never put them in a dryer. Again. The heat could melt glue and ruin the blinds. Additionally, make sure to lay them flat to dry them.

With these three tips, you should be able to wash your vertical blinds easily and quickly without worry about damaging them. Click here to learn more about vertical blinds in Southport.

A Natural Finish

If you want a shade that filters light and provides privacy, consider a woven wooden shade. Made of bamboo, rattan, or other lightweight woods, they give any room a relaxed feel. 

Why Horizontal Blinds Are Easy to Use

The humble horizontal blinds are like most feats of elegant engineering – designed so well that they seem deceptively simple. However, concealed within are clever mechanisms that allow for versatility and ease of use. Take a quick look inside to appreciate the unsung heroes.

Clutches and Cords

One of the greatest things about horizontal blinds is the fact that you can pull a cord to raise them and have them stay in that position. This is accomplished with a friction clutch. The clutch engages to prevent the blinds from dropping until force is applied against a release mechanism.

Gear and Pulley Show

Privacy and sunlight are controlled by adjusting the angle of the slats in your blinds. Blinds that use a rod to open and shut employ gears actuated by the rod. These gears pull the strings suspending the slats, altering the pitch of the slats. Blinds that use chains or cords have more direct connections through simple pulleys to change slat angle.

Subtle Smarts

Horizontal blinds are so cleverly made that they achieve the greatest goal of engineering – design users never think about. Smart application of simple concepts like suspension and gears keeps the sun and prying eyes at bay. See how elegant design can be with these choices for horizontal blinds in Raleigh -

How to Get a Roman Look by Adding Shades

Ancient Rome is steeped in history and a bold aesthetic that has influenced the world for centuries. Bringing a touch of the Coliseum into your home is as simple as adding the time-tested look of the classic – and classical – Roman shade.

Rustic Origins

Romans first used simple, water-dampened shades to keep dust from the famous roads of the Empire from invading their homes. It didn’t take too long for human ingenuity to start improving the design. Eventually, the iconic, foldingshade that has become a hallmark of Mediterranean-themed rooms was born.

Thoroughly Modern

Today’s Roman shades are available in a variety of styles and hues ranging from solids that complement any color scheme to ornate cuts and patterns for a bold look. The familiar design has been updated with modern materials and fabrics. The results are Roman shades that transform spaces into palaces of imperial splendor, while offering the durability and easy maintenance current technology provides.

Room to Rome

There are many wonderful possibilities available when choosing Roman shades. Simple colors and complex designs were equally embraced in the Empire, allowing tremendous flexibility while maintaining an authentic, Mediterranean look. Let your style preferences and existing d├ęcor guide your decision-making and you can’t go wrong. Click here to learn more about Roman shades in Raleigh.