Inspiration Through Interiors BLog: Create an Island Atmosphere With Wood Woven Shades

Monday, 30 November 2015

Create an Island Atmosphere With Wood Woven Shades

Creating a comfortable, welcoming and stylish home is what everyone really wants to do. What better way to create the right atmosphere than going with an island decor. The feel of the island always brings up idea of carefree, warm and relaxing days. To create an island atmosphere, you can employ several decor ideas, including using wood woven shades. Here are a few reasons why wood woven shades work great for this decor style.

They Don’t Black Out a Room

Wood woven blinds are a style that is often used in homes on islands because they don’t completely block out the sun. This is what is needed on an island where you may want to roll the blind down to keep the sun’s heat out but don’t want your home to be too dark.

They Have a Natural Look

The woven wood is natural looking and fits right in with the teals, greens and blues often used to decorate in an island theme. Island decor is about bringing the outside in - the water, the wood, the sun. These blinds do a perfect job of fitting into the style.

They Have a Relaxed Look

These blinds aren’t stiff and formal like other blind styles, which works perfectly for island decor. Perhaps the biggest thing that you think about when you think about an island getaway is relaxing. A cold, hard plastic style blind just wouldn’t work to evoke the feeling of relaxation that is needed for an island theme, but a woven wooden blind fits right in.

Woven wood blinds are a perfect way to dress up windows in an island themed room. They play right into the bright, natural and relaxed look you will be going for. Find out more here about wood woven shades in Southport -

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